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Relationship Rehab: Man floored by wife’s sex secret | news ...

Relationship Rehab: Man floored by wife's sex secret After being “shut down” for years, one husband was shocked to discover the X-rated secret his wife was keeping from him. Isiah McKimmie

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Honestly as your all adults, it really isn’t their business what you and your wife have or do as long as it doesn’t bother either of you to use them to enhance your marriage. But at the same time I understand where you’re coming from as there is still a sad stigma surrounding sex toys in a Christian marriage.

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Sex toys are fun, in my experience, as the husband, and we use them fairly frequently. At different times, we use them more or less, or different kinds more or less. For example, during the last pregnancy, we don’t use many at all, because my wife tends to be very orgasmic while pregnant. Right now (10 months post pregnancy), we use them a ...

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Secret #2: Be candid. "The secret to keeping sex exciting is making sure the lines of communication are open," says Alisa, 40, who has been married for 18 years. "Tony didn't always know how to ...

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The 27 homemade sex toys below all expert-approved—so you know they're both fun and safe to use. Plus, chances are that you have at least a dozen of them at home right now. Advertisement ...

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However, if that same man were to masturbate while looking at his wife’s Cosmopolitan, he might seek to keep that fact hidden, too. If his wife were to find out, she might well get angry about ...

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Here are 20 dirty little secrets women go out of their way to keep from the men in their lives. 1. We masturbate, whether you're at home or not. Photo: Forewer / Shutterstock. As soon as we're ...

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The secrets of sexually satisfied women, revealed! Over 3,289 women share what turns them on, makes them hot, and gets them in the mood.

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If your wife is cheating, she may talk about the person she’s cheating with often, even though she’s trying to keep it a secret. Notice if she’s telling you a lot of stories about a new person, whether it’s a male or a female.

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I’d never looked at porn magazines or movie, not to talk of having a girlfriend, and worse still, owning a sex toy. I could only manage to keep my anger for two days as she kept crying and ...